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adulting lesson 1: morning routine

Adulting is hard, and we all know it. Here’s my first lesson in “getting my shit together” and trying to act like a real grown up: having a routine. I … Continue reading

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Running Doesn’t Totally Suck, Part 2: The Sequel. *Nike Women’s Half Marathon Edition*

As many of you know (“you” being readers, followers, friends, family, fans, and internet stalkers), running is not my forte. Nor are athletics. Nor any other form of physical activity… … Continue reading

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Girl Scouts USA = Major Drug Cartel

Most of you may have noticed the miniature Columbian drug lords around town, using their cuteness to convince you to buy narcotics from them. They only come around once a … Continue reading

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From the Archives: DGAF Lyfe is the Lyfe for Me

Digging deep in the archives, I found this piece I wrote at the ripe age of 22. Sitting in the drafts folder of wordpress, somehow this quick blurb/stream of consciousness … Continue reading

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An open love letter to American Express

While I was at lunch today, I was trying to think of a product that I use every day. Pondering the ins and outs of my daily life (no pun … Continue reading

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Scientific Theory #1: Europa is Full of Mermaids

Although I don’t have a PhD, I was a neuroscience major for a few months in college, which, in my opinion, renders me capable of positing¬†and publishing my brilliant scientific … Continue reading

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Chestnuts (Drank)

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED*     *read while listening to christmas carols* A good friend of mine once said, “now open yo mind up and listen me Saint Nick.” … Continue reading

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Because Pizza

¬† Soooo this has been a long time coming… I started a blog about things that I like/love, and I truly love Pizza. here we go. (side: most of this … Continue reading

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