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Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

Below is a small collection of things that made my week. A combination of senioritis, procrastination and an extended battery on my laptop resulted in a treasure trove of laughs. I couldn’t keep them to myself.

Here are some things that warrant global recognition:

1) The BERKS meme.

It’s just brilliant. The “berks” meme (read: books) took me a minute and a couple reads out loud to understand. However, this is one joke that absolutely is worth working for, because once you get it, you’ll be crying laughing. I may or may not have developed some ab muscles in the process. RERRDING RENBURRRR!!!!!!

Check the rest of the berks here.

2) This kid:

Hey kid, sweet trophy bro. Also, your shirt really compliments your mullet.

 Buzzfeed has a collection of other cool people here.

3) This dog:

I don’t know why, but I can’t help it. Every time I look at this I completely lose it. It’s too perfect. I wish that was my dog. I wish I was there to witness this. I wish I knew how to accurately pronounce the triple caption.

4) #coachellapeople

Funny or Die is one of God’s gifts to society, and this article is genius.If your child leaves the house on Friday morning, Indio bound with nothing but a neon bathing suit and some glow sticks, tell them they’re grounded forever. 

Gunning for second place in hilarity is all the people who were offended by the article and commented below. Personal favorite:


People who get offended by jokes are almost as funny as the jokes themselves.


5) Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis

It took me WAY too long to actually discover this video. I liked the song, but the video exponentially increases the comedic factor. I plan to recreate something like this in the near future. At the very least I’ll find myself a gold unitard. Get excited.

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