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I Dream of Lilly

I’m not one to usually voice my opinion about style and fashion – I’m far from a trendsetter (read: most of the time I look like I got dressed in the dark).

what, I thought this looked good together

Normally I try to conceal my lack-of-chic and steal looks from some of my runway-status friends.

me, trying so hard to keep up with my trendier friends

However, I can’t hold my tongue about these new Lilly Pulitzer dresses. I’m literally having an aneurysm over the new lace used in the pieces I found on their e-store. If you’re wondering how I could possibly be that excited over a shift dress, refer back to this post.

Glorious Dress 1

Glorious Dress 2

The lace on these…. I can’t get over it. It’s just delicious (I’m describing clothes like food because that’s all I know how to do). When I first saw these little numbers on the interwebs, I heard a sound similar to this: 

Glorious Dress 3

Glorious Dress 4

They’re absolutely spectacular dresses and the color choices are phenomenal. I’d own all of them now if I could, but since I’m poor as shit financially independent and they’re ranging between $300 and $400, I’ll have to wait until I find a sugar daddy  Christmas. Or maybe my birthday… any takers?


One comment on “I Dream of Lilly

  1. Steve
    September 3, 2012

    Lmao bunny

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