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Jingle All The Way (All Day, Erry Day)

Just a quick public service announcement…

here we go again

I have been singing Christmas carols since before Halloween. I love Christmas more than I love my birthday and all the other holidays of the year. Combined. So if you’re not into that kinda thing, then you might want to check back here in January.

The next two months will be entirely dedicated to things I like surrounding Christmas (unless something else major occurs, but it’s doubtful that anything will overshadow my love for this most glorious of holidays).

what she said

To get you started, I leave you with two options (because I’m considerate like that and this is the season of giving and stuff…):



… or Bing

Ho Ho Ho,

Gretchen Weiners


2 comments on “Jingle All The Way (All Day, Erry Day)

  1. Emile Hefty
    November 15, 2012

    Absorbing info and well written. Keep up the superb stuff!

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