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Recipe: Your Favorite Food or Ice Cream

A friend of mine recently started a recipe collective email chain, asking friends to send a recipe to one person, then pass the email on to 20 friends. Unsure if I had that many friends knew that many people offhand who would participate/also happened to know their email, I included my boyfriend, who is actually a really good cook. I figured at the very least, he’d have a great recipe to share with my friend who started the email thread. I was right. Below, you’ll find my new favorite recipe:


Subject: Recipe collecting or something like that

Your Favorite Food or Ice Cream:

– Handful of shredded lettuce
– 3 spoons
– 1 “friend”
– 1 name of your favorite take out restaurant
– 1 tub of ice cream

The Recipe:
– Collect napkins and unnecessary/unused papers around the house

– Put them in the trash, and wash your hands

– Grab a handful of shredded lettuce and three spoons

– Ask someone to help you

– Put one of the spoons down, I forgot that you only need two

– Has someone come to help you?
— If yes, ask them to grab you some food from your favorite take-out eatery

— If no, wait until someone does, then ask them to grab you some food from your favorite take-out eatery

— If your friend doesn’t want to get you food, throw a fit, toss the lettuce in the air, and start yelling at him/her. Tell them that they never do anything for you, and, if they really want to still be friends, they will get you some food. Be convincing. Be persistent. Hopefully they will get you food!

— If your friend doesn’t get you food and gets pissed at you/calls your bluff, grab a tub of ice cream from the freezer, and hand him/her one spoon. Use the remaining spoon to tag team the tub of ice cream, and resolve your friendship.

Have fun eating your favorite food or ice cream!




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